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Where You Can and Can't Travel Due to Coronavirus

There’s now an easy way to peruse your vacation options as the world begins recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA), an authoritative trade association for airlines around the world, has created an interactive Travel Regulations Map powered by Timatic solutions that allow both airlines and travelers to quickly see current COVID-19 travel restrictions for each country around the world.
On the map, countries are color-coded based on their current travel restrictions (which will be continually updated by IATA) and are sorted into four categories: totally restrictive, partially restrictive, not restricted or under review.
When users click on a country, they’ll find information about current border policy, including if quarantine periods are necessary, exemptions, and any documentation or testing that could be required upon arrival. The Travel Regulations Map sources its information from airlines and government agencies and is likely to have accurate border information before your travel agent or advisor.
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While the map is a handy tool, travelers shouldn’t use it as a final or single resource. IATA reminds users that while they strive for the utmost accuracy, regulations around COVID-19 are constantly evolving — and each country is making their own ever-changing rules. Be sure to visit official government websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information before booking travel.
As the European Union open borders this month, travelers will likely begin to move again. But there is no uniform guideline or process for moving around the world. Countries like Greece, Austria and Italy all have different reopening dates, different rules and different timelines for welcoming back visitors.
No matter where or when you decide to travel, the situation will be very different on the road and in the skies this summer. Check out travel planning tips in a post COVID world— and beyond.

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