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Thoughts Everyone has on an All-Inclusive Vacation

Oooh, a welcome drink! Don’t mind if I do!

Actually, can I have three?

OMG is that a liquor dispenser in my room?

My liver is going to need a vacation after this week!

What’s the difference between Resort Casual and Resort Evening wear? A dress and sandals it is!

Is my waiter judging me for ordering all this food?

Two desserts? Why yes, I think I will!

Do I have to wait for the check or sign something? Can I just leave?

That couple has been sitting at the swim-up bar for five hours. Don’t they have to use the bathroom?


Wi-Fi by the pool? I’ll Instagram a selfie to make everyone back home jealous.

Pool volleyball? Sure, I’m down.

Wow, I’m as good as Gabby Reese!

Maybe that’s just the rum punch talking. Sorry, lady!

I’ll just lay and lounge for a minute…. zzzzz.

Ooh look, a steel drum band. I wonder if we can get them to play Rihanna...

Tomorrow I’m definitely getting up early to go to the Aqua Fit class!


How many times is too many to go back to the breakfast buffet?

Three it is. #nojudgementzone

Let’s head to the beach and see what water sports they offer.

Nice, kayaking is included?

Oh wait, I don’t actually like kayaking.

Should I have Italian, Japanese or French for dinner? Welcome to indecisive town!

A dance party with DJ Beefcake tonight? Sounds cheesy, but maybe I’ll check it out.

How is it 3 a.m. already?

Let’s order a pizza from 24-hour room service!

I’m never drinking again.

Bloody Marys at breakfast?

Sure, why not?

Taking a Hobie Cat out on the water sounds like the best idea ever!

Except, wait, I don’t actually know how to work a Hobie Cat.

I’ve got a busy day anyway: swim-up bar, pool nap and trivia.

How is it time to leave already?

Well, back at the airport.

Let’s grab a snack.

What’s this guy’s problem?

Oh, he wants me to pay.

Where’s my wallet?

Back in the hotel safe. #epicfail

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