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At-A-Glance Guide: Airline Baggage Size Restrictions

While to some it may seem arbitrary, the overall size and dimension of an airplane passenger's luggage is restricted for several important reasons.

The pilot and crew need to know the overall weight of the aircraft -- including passengers and luggage -- for accurate fuel calculations and efficiency. If the plane is too heavy because of extra luggage, it cannot take off safely, or smoothly in a way that allows the wings to create lift. Proper weight and distribution alleviates strain on the body of the airplane and also helps it land without being bumpy (most of the time). Each piece of baggage is limited in weight so that handlers are able to load and unload luggage.

Here is a list of the top airlines we book regularly and the at-a-glance guide to the size and weight restrictions for carry-on and checked bags. If you need to purchase new suitcase, we've also included an airline-specific Amazon link for your convenience (non-affiliate).

(Please note that allowances may increase depending on the ticket class of service you purchase.)

(in linear inches)
(in inches)
Aeromexico556221.5 x15.7x 1039SHOP
AirCanadavariesvaries21.5 x15.5x 9variesSHOP
AirFrance50.762.221.7x13.8x 9.926SHOP
AirNewZealand506246.5 (linear)15SHOP
AlaskaAirlines506222 x 14 x 9not specifiedSHOP
Allegiant40809 x 14 x 22not specifiedSHOP
American506222 x 14 x 9not specifiedSHOP
Delta506222 x 14 x 9not specifiedSHOP
Frontier506224 x 16 x 1035SHOP
Hawaiian5062flight specificflight specificSHOP
Japan507922 x 16 x 1022SHOP
Jet Blue506222 x 14 x 9not specifiedSHOP
KLM506221.5 x13.5x 1026SHOP
Korean Air506221.6 x15x 7.840SHOP
Luftansa706221.6 x 15 x 917SHOP
Singapore506245 (linear)15SHOP
Southwest506224 x 16 x 10not specifiedSHOP
Spirit Airflight specificflight specific18 x 14 x 8flight specificSHOP
Thai66not specified22 x 18 x 1015SHOP
United506222 x 14 x 9not specifiedSHOP

Remember that baggage fees for each airline and ticket may apply and are based on class of service and will be flight specific.

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