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Long Flight Carry-On Essentials

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There's nothing quite like getting on a long flight and realizing you'll have to listen to a shrieking toddler for eight hours because you forgot earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. Prepare for anything with a well-packed carry-on and make your long flight an easy one!

Water bottle - Stay hydrated and prevent jet lag.

Scarf - A light scarf can double as a light blanket on chilly flights.

Eye drops - Just in case a flight literally becomes a red-eye flight, eye drops will come in handy.

Dental picks - Keep food out of your teeth even when you can't get to a restroom or your packed-away toothbrush and toothpaste is out of reach.

Travel wallet - Keep your important travel documents in one place.

Charger - Don't let low battery anxiety ruin your flight.

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Eye mask - Use flight time to catch some Z's.

Facial wipes - Arrive with a clean and fresh face.

Tissues - Don't get stuck with a runny nose and no tissues.

Crackers (or others snacks) - Never travel hungry.

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Earplugs - Protect your ears from crying babies.

Headphones - Listen to music and movies, and block out background noise..

Tablet - Pass the time by watching shows and movies.

Magazines - Catch up on some light reading.

Small toiletry bag - Avoid having to dig through your luggage to get to your eye drops.

Sanitizing wipes - Steer clear of germs by wiping down arm rests and seat trays.

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This article originally appeared on the Travel Channel.

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