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The Most Common Questions Travel Agents Get

Travel agents are asked so many questions every single day.

Over the last few months, they have submitted their most commonly asked questions and provided the answers so our readers can benefit. This month, we bring you even more:

What destinations require a passport?

“Clients frequently ask about passports: where to obtain one and what they need to get one,” said Bridget Schimpfoessl, Global Connections, Inc. Travel Consultant in Leawood, Kansas. “People often mistakenly think they do not need one for the Bahamas, Mexico and Canada. I even had one person ask why they need one for Jamaica and not San Juan!

"San Juan is a U.S. territory as is St. Thomas, so you do not need one, but it’s wise to double check on destination make sure.”

How much will that trip cost next year (or the year after)?

I understand that they want to budget their travel, and I appreciate that idea, but the simple answer is to look at what is available now and know that the cost will probably go up, at least a little,” said Margie Lenau, Wonderland Family Vacations in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“There are so many things that can change that there is really no way to know future costs.”

Do I really need travel insurance for a cruise?

Yes, you do,” said Lisa Collins, C.T.A., Travel Professional/Cruise Specialist with Fitzgerald Travel Agency. “We never plan on missing our trip. If something should happen that would cause a delay or cancellation of your cruise, you will have lost thousands of dollars.”

Unfortunately, things happen.

“What if you are swimming with the dolphins in the Bahamas and you trip on your flipper and break your ankle?” said Collins. “Without insurance, there is no reimbursement for the medical care you need.”

Collins reiterated that insurance plans range in coverage and price, and there is one just right for you: “You don't want to spend the money on your dream cruise vacation and then pass on the insurance and take a chance of losing everything, do you?”

What unique experience can I have that my friends haven’t?

“I am seeing that crowd-sourcing is out for a segment of the population that sees luxury as experiential (not material) and is searching for the personal, the connection, the unique,” said Theresa Jackson, Personal Travel Designer for Enlightened Journeys Travel, an affiliate of Travel Experts.

“Is that brag-worthy and Instagrammable? Of course. But, it also is soul-fulfilling; that is what many luxury travelers are seeking today. And the added bonus of knowing their choice helped a local economy through sustainable travel is all the more valuable to them.”

Where do I go on my honeymoon?

“I wish there was an easy answer to this question,” said Beth Johnston, travel designer with Beth’s Beautiful Getaways.

“First, I recommend couples make a list of their "must haves." Then, be willing to compromise with your significant other. My job is to help you find your dream destination after you have figured out what those must-haves are. It's ok to get some help and relieve your stress around this important life decision.”

Will my children be bored on a hotel barge cruise?

“Hotel barging has traditionally appealed to older travelers, but we’re seeing increasing interest from families who want to take multi-generational cruises,” said Derek Banks, managing director of European Waterways.

“Families discover how much fun they can actually have together, without the constant distraction of TVs, video games and computers. Our crews are often young themselves—in their 20s and 30s—so there is good interaction with all the generations.”

Banks further explained that almost every minute of the cruise offers valuable quality time together for all ages, from sharing meals to going on excursions to the picturesque towns, biking along the tow path or just watching the world go by from the deck.

This article originally appeared on TravelPulse.

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