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Barcelona: The Perfect 5 Day Itinerary


After getting settled in, start your stay in Barcelona by taking a walking tour (guided or self-guided!) of the charming Gothic Quarter. Stroll through the oldest part of Barcelona to see neo-Gothic architecture, Sant Juame Square, and City Hall. Move on to Las Ramblas, the tree-lined boulevard, popular with tourists and locals alike. Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, once said Las Ramblas was "the only street in the world which I wish would never end." There are so many great shops and restaurants to explore in this area.

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona


This tour features the whimsical works of the famous native architect Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí's work was influenced by his passions in life: architecture, nature, and religion. He considered every detail of his creations and integrated into his architecture such crafts as ceramics, stained glass, wrought ironwork forging and carpentry. He also introduced new techniques in the treatment of materials, such as trencadís which used waste ceramic pieces.

Under the influence of neo-Gothic art and Oriental techniques, Gaudí became part of the Modernista movement which was reaching its peak in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His work transcended mainstream Modernisme, culminating in an organic style inspired by natural forms. Gaudí rarely drew detailed plans of his works, instead preferring to create them as three-dimensional scale models and moulding the details as he conceived them. (source). The iconic Parc Güell offers colorful panoramas of the city from its mosaic veranda. Casa Batlló's sea-inspired eccentric façades make this architectural masterpiece unforgettable.

Casa Batlló Front Facade Casa Batlló Interior

Parc Güell


Take an hour-long train ride from Barcelona to beautiful Montserrat. Once you reach the base, you can continue your journey up to Montserrat by cable car or rack railway. Once you arrive, you will be met with breathtaking views all the way to the city of Barcelona, as well as views of the Pyrenees Mountains that form the border to France. You can visit the monastery and hear the Escolania, Montserrat’s Boys’ Choir, perform and see the "Black Madonna" or the Virgin of Montserrat. There are also two funiculars to ride, an amazing museum with Egyptian artifacts and many beautiful pathways and photo opportunities.


Savor the tastes of Spain with a wine tasting at Cavas Codorniu, which traces its heritage of viticulture back to 1551. On acres of sprawling, fertile land outside Barcelona, Cavas Codorniu has been a fixture of Spanish wine making for over 450 years. Beneath the vineyards is a labyrinth of underground cellars, perfect for preserving and storing wine during the aging process. In the contemporary age of wine tourism, Cavas Codorniu prides itself on sustainable growing and harvesting practices. There are 26 miles of cavern tunnels, some of which you will explore on a leisurely tram ride.

In the afternoon, take in the seaside town of Sitges, where you'll have time to explore what some call the Saint-Tropez of Spain. Enjoy lunch as a group by the sea. Located between the Garraf Massif and the sea, Sitges is known for its beaches, annual film festival, and historical sites. Sitges attracts residents from the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia, who live there year-round. Boasting 17 beaches, flavorful gastronomy, Mediterranean architecture, and historical sites dating back to 1700, Sitges has something for everyone!

DAY 5 - SAGRADA Família

Tour of Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí's breathtaking, nature-inspired basilica and its towers. Though it’s first stone was laid in 1882, Sagrada Família was never finished and its structure is still evolving. La Sagrada Família inspires awe with its sheer verticality, and in the manner of the medieval cathedrals it emulates, it’s still under construction. Work began in 1882 and is hoped (perhaps optimistically) to be completed in 2026, a century after the architect's death. Unfinished it may be, but it attracts around 2.8 million visitors a year and is the most visited monument in Spain. Once you step foot inside, you will understand why. You can also take an elevator to the top of the the Passion Facade to see breathtaking views of the city.

For a great (and extensive!) list of restaurant recommendations CLICK HERE. And if you'd like us to make reservations for you we can do that as well!

There are many more exciting sights and things to do in Barcelona, for list of addtitional activities see our comprehensive EXPERIENCE GUIDE.

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