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4 Things to Consider with the CDC Orders

Hi Travelers!

New year, new travel guidelines! The recent CDC mandate of required testing in order to enter back into the U.S. is a prime example of why now, more than ever, having an Olsen-O’Leary Travel advisor to guide you is critical for safe and comfortable travel.

Our team has one motto in light of this news: This is a Hurdle, Not a Dealbreaker. If you're looking to travel, it can absolutely still be done, you'll just want to be aware of the current normal. Here's what we know for now:

1) There is a Precedence

For those who have traveled during the pandemic already, you're well aware that testing has become the new normal. Testing for re-entry is not a new concept. Canada, for example, has required this of their citizens and, if you're one of our New York clients, you're already well aware of this level of requirement.

2) There are Strategies

Because requirements of this nature have already been in place for other countries, many properties and destinations already have strong solutions to providing convenient (sometimes even in-room!) and affordable (oftentimes even complimentary!) testing. Each and every day, we're seeing new and improved strategies from our hotel and destination partners to ensure this new testing requirement is met in a way that minimally impacts their guests.

3) There are Solutions

For our international travelers, the first question on your mind is certainly: what if I test positive? We understand this concern and, truthfully, the answer varies not just from destination to destination, but hotel to hotel. Many hotels have already rolled out their quarantine plans, some properties even stepping up to cover the cost of quarantine should a traveler test positive.

4) You Have Options

We've said this from the very beginning of the pandemic as travel has returned: it is up to each traveler to determine their comfort level. For many, this means continuing with their international travel plans. For some, this means having us take a look at comparable domestic options. For others, it means sitting tight. There is no right or wrong when it comes to pandemic travel, there is only what is right for you. And no matter what you decide, your Olsen-O’Leary Travel consultant is here to guide you and share your options every step of the way.

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