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4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Vacation

Americans do not take enough vacations, and some even suffer from vacation deficit disorder, meaning that travelers think a vacation is important but are not confident they will take one. That is really sad!

People need to break out of that mindset, go on vacation and make the most of it. Once that vacation is actually planned, here are four easy ways to take it up a notch and #treatyourself.

Get a Room…A Better One

An upgrade to a room with a better view can be a little as $50 more a night. Or a swim-out suite with its own swim-out pool right outside – that can be less than $100 more a night. So if this vacation is long overdue or badly needed for other reasons, improving the accommodations (which is arguably the most important part of a vacation) is a no-brainer.

Make That a Private Transfer

From the moment a vacation starts to the minute you step in the privacy of your room, you’re probably with members of the public, a.k.a. strangers, the entire time. Does that gross anyone else out a little bit? Start that private, or exclusive, experience sooner by booking a private transfer from the airport to the hotel and back. There’s no better way to feel like a VIP than having your own transportation.

Fly More Comfortably

Speaking of transportation, everyone just loves flying, right? Most of the time it’s fine, but those bad or uncomfortable times can be unforgettable. Avoid having to do the shuffle to the back of the plane, the seat right outside the bathroom and the scrunched feeling in your seat by choosing a better seat. The cost may be more, but it could definitely be worth it if you want to travel more comfortably.

Other ways to level up a flight experience are booking nonstop flights, choosing charter flights and, to make the time before a flight better, becoming a trusted traveler with TSA Pre Check.

Choose a Luxurious, Unique or NEW Destination

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with vacation destinations. If you already know a place, do you really want to spend time learning about a new one? That may sound nice and simple, but the one place people shouldn’t get stuck in a rut is in vacation planning. It’s obvious but it still merits saying: there are so many places to go. So many things to experience. So many people to meet. Travelers should not limit themselves and instead should take the many opportunities even a three-night vacation offers by visiting new places, seeing new things and, most importantly, making new memories.

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